Multi-family real estate investing

Mission Bay Capital Partners is a real estate syndication company that focuses on investing in multi-family real estate. We invest in apartment buildings and student housing with 100+ units and a purchase price typically $25M and above.

What is real estate syndication?

Real estate syndication is not a REIT – it is a way of investing in specific, tangible real estate through a crowdfunding model. A group of investors pools their money in a large real estate investment they couldn’t afford to acquire individually. Management of the investment is the responsibility of the real estate syndication company. This allows investors to profit from passive real estate income without the hassle of managing the property or tenants. The investors benefit from a predictable cash flow and are not subject to stock market volatility.

What People are saying about Mission Bay Capital Partners

" amazing experience for the past two years."

Working with Mission Bay Capital Partners has been an amazing experience for the past two years. We know our investments are in good hands. The team is thorough, diligent, hardworking, upfront and honest. They feel like family to us. Dan is a straight shooter and very experienced with multifamily investing. Kristine has been a pleasure to work with from day one. We are very fortunate to have found such a great team to partner with.

- S&G

"You cannot go wrong when working with the Mission Bay team."

I want to tell you about the awesome experience I have had working with Mission Bay Capital. Let me start by saying that working with Kristine and Daniel has been amazing. My first multifamily was with Mission in December 2018, I am extremely happy with the performance. You cannot go wrong when working with the Mission Bay team. Thank you and take care.

- L. Johnson

Mission and Values Statement

Mission Bay Capital Partners is dedicated to serving our investors with superior returns through investments in our hand-picked multifamily properties. It is our privilege to help our investors build wealth over time while providing transparency and exceptional service.

Why invest with MBCP?

Mission Bay Capital Partners offers stable, predictable, passive income from your investment in real estate syndication. We’re experts in identifying multi-family real estate investments that are projected to generate consistent, long-term income growth and appreciation.

We invest side-by-side with you. As co-owners of the real estate syndication, we do the heavy lifting: we vet the property, organize the investors, deal with the bank, manage the property, and prepare quarterly reports and distributions. You sit back and enjoy a more stable, predictable return on your investment and tax benefits if qualified, that take advantage of the property’s depreciation.

Our conservative underwriting always puts our investors first and we are guided by one goal only: to responsibly generate outstanding investment performance for our investors.

How long will my money be invested?

Each syndication deal is different, but we typically hold properties for an average of 3-7 years. The number of years or months we anticipate we will hold the property will be clearly stated in the offering documents.

How does Mission Bay select the properties they invest in?

MBCP is ambitious yet responsible for our investors and we build long term value by investing in properties with sustainable performance.

How we choose our multifamily property investments:

  • Apartment buildings and real estate developments with 100 or more units.
  • Properties that are stable yet provide the potential for added value.
  • Locations in growing and urbanized secondary and tertiary markets with significant job and population growth.

How much can I expect to make on my investment?

Since 2013, MBCP’s real estate syndications have produced steady, reliable Cash on Cash returns on the average of 7.5% for our investors.

Who is Mission Bay Capital Partners?

MBCP is a team of three real estate investment professionals:
daniel woodford multifamily real estate syndication

Daniel Woodford, Co-founder and Principal.

Daniel has been investing in multifamily real estate since 2009 and has extensive experience in property valuation, acquisitions, and asset management.

chuck triska multifamily real estate syndication

Charles “Chuck” Triska, Co-founder and Principal.

Charles has been investing in real estate since 2008 and in multifamily properties since 2013. He also invests in international real estate.

kristine jefferson multifamily real estate syndication

Kristine Jefferson,

Kristine is a multifamily investor with over 10 years of experience in real estate investing and syndication.