Mission and Values Statement

Mission Bay Capital Partners is dedicated to serving our investors with superior returns through investments in our hand-picked multifamily properties. It is our privilege to help our investors build wealth over time while providing transparency and exceptional service.

Welcome to the MBCP family!

I’m Daniel Woodford, the CEO of Mission Bay Capital Partners. At MBCP, we’re dedicated to serving you with superior returns through investments in our hand-picked, multifamily properties. It’s our privilege to help you build legacy wealth while providing you with exceptional service.

MBCP focuses on the acquisition, development, management, and disposition of high quality, multifamily rental properties. Specifically, we invest in apartment buildings and student housing in medium density U.S. markets poised for growth. Since 2013, our real estate syndications have produced steady, reliable Cash on Cash returns on the average of 7.5% for our investors.

The opportunity to lead MBCP is both humbling and exciting. My responsibility is to vet every property and determine if it meets our 3 pillars of conscientious growth: Is the investment conservative? Does it pose as little risk as possible for our investors? Can we grow the value of the property over time?

 We, as a team, are intensely focused on creating value for every investor and the astute investment of your capital.

Our Culture

At MBCP, we’re guided by one goal only: to generate outstanding investment performance for our investors. The values I learned as a member of the U.S. Air Force drive the decisions I make and determine our path forward: teamwork, integrity, and value with outstanding customer service. Our purpose is to make our investors’ lives better and help them achieve long term growth to live their best life. We are committed to conscientious growth: finding conservative investments which pose as little risk as possible to our investors while presenting the best opportunity for steady, predictable returns year after year. MBCP only grows if we produce more value for our clients and manage risk exceptionally well. Mastering both helps us invest more into our community, into our team, and into our investments.

About Us

Mission Bay Capital Partners is a professional real estate syndication company that has been investing in multifamily properties since 2013. From our base in Gainesville, Virginia, MBCP acquires low volatility properties throughout the United States, designed to generate higher than expected margins for our investors.

We target investment opportunities in secondary and tertiary markets experiencing urbanization and growth. Our investment focus is on multi-family real estate, including apartment buildings and student housing.
Directed by a team of US Air Force veterans with broad experience in real estate investments, MBCP currently manages more than $100M in assets.

We are ambitious yet responsible for our investors and build long term value by investing in properties with sustainable performance.
We truly believe that investing in real estate is the best way to build legacy wealth and earn passive income for our investors.

Who is Mission Bay Capital Partners?

MBCP is a Team of Real Estate Syndication Professionals:

Daniel Woodford

Co-founder and Principal

Daniel Woodford is a Mission Bay Capital Partners Co- Founder with over 13+ years of experience accentuating the multifamily investing and real estate syndication landscapes.

Kristine Jefferson


Co-Founding Mission Bay Capital Partners on the foundation of integrity, Kristine Jefferson is a respected multifamily investor and entrepreneur renowned for helping investors achieve new levels of financial literacy, growth, and independence.

What People are saying about Mission Bay Capital Partners

"...an amazing experience for the past two years."

Working with Mission Bay Capital Partners has been an amazing experience for the past two years. We know our investments are in good hands. The team is thorough, diligent, hardworking, upfront and honest. They feel like family to us. Dan is a straight shooter and very experienced with multifamily investing. Kristine has been a pleasure to work with from day one. We are very fortunate to have found such a great team to partner with.


"You cannot go wrong when working with the Mission Bay team."

I want to tell you about the awesome experience I have had working with Mission Bay Capital. Let me start by saying that working with Kristine and Daniel has been amazing. My first multifamily was with Mission in December 2018, I am extremely happy with the performance. You cannot go wrong when working with the Mission Bay team. Thank you and take care.

L. Johnson

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