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Enjoy the Benefits of Passive Real Estate Investing With Mission Bay Capital Partners.

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Learn How to Grow and Protect Your Wealth with Passive Income.

Enjoy the benefits of passive real estate investing with Mission Bay Capital Partners.

Mission Bay Capital Partners is a real estate syndication company that focuses on investing in multi-family real estate. We invest in apartment buildings and student housing with 100+ units and a purchase price typically $25M and above.

Is Real Estate Syndication Right For Your Portfolio?

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What is real estate syndication?

Real estate syndication is not a REIT – it is a way of investing in specific, tangible real estate through a crowdfunding model. A group of investors pools their money in a large real estate investment they couldn’t afford to acquire individually. Management of the investment is the responsibility of the real estate syndication company. This allows investors to profit from passive real estate income without the hassle of managing the property or tenants. The investors benefit from a predictable cash flow and are not subject to stock market volatility.

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Watch our webinars or use the other resources on the website to learn more about Real Estate Syndication.

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Historically, multi-family real estate has offered one of the highest returns on investment. However, a single investor must either absorb the cost of hiring a property manager or handle the tenants, maintenance, mortgage, insurances, improvements, and rent collection themselves. They’re also limited in the size of the property they can buy. Real estate syndication removes the hassles of single-owner investing and shifts the management responsibility to the real estate syndication company.

Benefits of investing with a real estate syndication company.

Real estate investment expertise

MBCP is composed of professional real estate investors. They have the experience to choose wise investments and the experience to manage the real estate syndication effectively.

Passive income

With a real estate syndication company, your responsibility for the property ends with your investment. Quarterly reports and distributions are provided by the syndicate. Cash flow is generated from rental income and the eventual liquidity of the property.

Diversified investments

Unlike a single owner, real estate investors in a syndicate can diversify their real estate investments across multiple properties.

Access to larger properties

Real estate syndication allows the investor to acquire interests in larger properties than they could own as a direct investor.

Reduced risk

Multiple investors are in each syndication which spreads out any associated financial risks vs sole ownership (there are risks with any investment).

Inflation Protection

Historically, real estate investments outperform inflation and provide a consistent rate of return for investors. Real estate offers more predictable returns than stocks.

Tax Benefits

Take advantage of the investment’s depreciation caused by lower demand, deflation, age of the building, or other factors.

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We held a series of webinars explaining the ins and outs of multi-family investing for your portfolio.

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