Investment Timeline

Our investment timeline for each real estate syndication is in 7 phases:

1. A short Property Summary is announced
2. We prepare an Investment Property Packet
3. We conduct a webinar with the property’s potential investors
4. The investors decide on the amount of their investment
5. Legal documents are signed
6. The investors wire funds to our bank
7. MBCP closes on the property

When MBCP decides to invest in a property, it’s only after a lengthy vetting process. We stick to our investment principles and determine if the property offers significant long term value.

Once we make the decision to invest, we prepare an Investment Property Packet (IPP). The IPP analyzes and summarizes the current performance of the real estate and why we believe it offers value. The packet includes the property’s business plan, local market conditions, and 3-7 year projections in our proforma detailing cash flow and our projected returns.

Shortly after announcing our new opportunity we will conduct a webinar that reviews the IPP and answers any questions you may have.

When you sign up for an account you will have access to MBCP’s secure online portal. Here is where you decide on how much you’d like to invest, sign legal documents, and have access to all legal documents and agreements. Distributions and your K1’s will also appear in the portal.

Once the legal agreements are executed by you and MBCP, you will wire your funds to the bank account that has ownership of the property.

Once all investment funds are received we close on the property.

These 7 steps typically occur over 60 days from the time we announce the syndication. Distributions typically begin after the 2nd full quarter of ownership.