Enjoy Passive Income with Multifamily Syndication Investing

Grow your wealth with professionally managed real estate investing without the heavy lifting.

Our seasoned real estate investors manage the day-to-day tasks of your investment while you enjoy the dividends.

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Multi-family syndication investing

Mission Bay Capital Partners is a real estate syndication company that focuses on investing in multi-family real estate. We invest in apartment buildings and student housing with 100+ units and a purchase price typically between $3M-$12M. MBCP currently manages nearly $100M in assets.

The opportunity to lead MBCP is both humbling and exciting. My responsibility is to vet every property and determine if it meets our 3 pillars of conscientious growth: Is the investment conservative? Does it pose as little risk as possible for our investors? Can we grow the value of the property over time?

I am privileged to be partnered with outstanding individuals like Charles Triska and Kristine Jefferson without whom we couldn’t achieve this level of excellence. We, as a team, are intensely focused on creating value for every investor and the astute investment of your capital.

Mission and Values Statement

Mission Bay Capital Partners is dedicated to serving our investors with superior returns through investments in our hand-picked multifamily properties. It is our privilege to help our investors build wealth over time while providing transparency and exceptional service.

What is real estate syndication?

Real estate syndication is not a REIT – it is a way of investing in specific, tangible real estate through a crowdfunding model. A group of investors pools their money in a large real estate investment they couldn’t afford to acquire individually. Management of the investment is the responsibility of the real estate syndication company. This allows investors to profit from passive real estate income without the hassle of managing the property or tenants. The investors benefit from a predictable cash flow and are not subject to stock market volatility.

Benefits of Investing With Mission Bay Capital Partners

Historically, multi-family real estate offers one of the highest returns on investment. But if you were to buy a multifamily property on your own, you would have to absorb the cost of hiring a property manager or handle the tenants, maintenance, mortgage, insurances, improvements, and rent collection yourself.

Real estate syndication removes these hassles and shifts the management responsibility to the real estate syndication company – MBCP. We work with local partners to manage the real estate so you can passively enjoy the dividends.

Best of all, you don’t have to be an expert on real estate investing – we do the hard work for you.

Real estate investment expertise

MBCP is composed of professional, multifamily real estate investors. We have the experience to choose wise investments and manage the real estate syndication effectively.

Consistent, Predictable Returns

Since 2013, MBCP has delivered an average 7.5% Annual Cash on Cash return for our investors.

Passive income

Your responsibility for the property ends with your investment. Cash flow is generated from rental income and the eventual sale of the property.

Access to larger properties

Real estate syndication allows you to acquire interests in larger properties than you could own as a single investor.

Inflation Protection

Historically, real estate investments outperform inflation and provide a consistent rate of return.

Tax Benefits

If you qualify, you can take advantage of the investment’s tax benefits, such as depreciation.

About Us

Mission Bay Capital Partners is a professional real estate syndication company that has been investing in multifamily properties since 2013. From our base in Gainesville, Virginia, MBCP acquires low volatility properties throughout the United States, designed to generate higher than expected margins for our investors.

We target investment opportunities in secondary and tertiary markets experiencing urbanization and growth. Our investment focus is on multi-family real estate, including apartment buildings and student housing.

Directed by a team of US Air Force veterans with broad experience in real estate investments, MBCP currently manages more than $93M in assets. We are ambitious yet responsible for our investors and build long term value by investing in properties with sustainable performance.

We truly believe that investing in real estate is the best way to build legacy wealth and earn passive income for our investors.

What makes MBCP different than other real estate syndication companies?

Our real estate professionals are guided by one goal only: to generate outstanding investment performance for our investors. We’re experts in identifying real estate which generates consistent, long-term income growth and appreciation.

How We Choose Multifamily Investments

Since 2013, Mission Bay Capital Partners has invested in multifamily real estate throughout the United States. Our investments in low volatility properties are designed to generate higher than expected returns for our investors.

Since our inception we have acquired, managed, and disposed of more than $120 Million in multifamily properties, producing on average 7.5% Cash on Cash return for our investors. We currently own 10 properties, comprising 1,341 units, valued at over $103 Million. 

MBCP is ambitious yet responsible for our investors and we build long term value by investing in properties with sustainable performance.

How we choose our multifamily property investments:

  • Apartment buildings and real estate developments with 100 or more units.
  • Purchase price of $8M and above.
  • Properties that are stable, yet provide the potential for added value.
  • Locations in growing and urbanized secondary and tertiary markets with significant job and population growth.

Our conservative underwriting always puts our investors first. MBCP is guided by one goal only: to responsibly generate outstanding investment performance for our investors. 

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