Where can I invest my money to grow with a reasonable degree of safety?

Real estate, it is often said, is the old-fashioned way to build wealth.  The famous industrialist Andrew Carnegie said, “More money has been made in real estate than all industrial investments combined.”  

Investments in real estate provide current income and are not correlated with the equity and fixed-income markets. Many advisors suggest you should allocate a portion of your portfolio to real estate partially due to the fact that real estate is not subject to the whims of Wall Street. 

However, directly investing in real estate presents its own set of challenges that many investors are not willing to delve into. These include the overlapping complexities of: 

  • property management
  • renting
  • maintenance
  • taxes
  • insurance

These represent just a few headaches of owning property —  especially when it is located at a distance from you. A great alternative for you is to partner with a private equity syndication that focuses on real estate.  This allows individual investors the opportunity to invest with others in properties that only the institutional investors (mutual funds, insurance companies, or pension funds) or the very wealthy had access to previously.

A private equity company offers professional management that screens hundreds of prospective deals, has rigorous selection criteria, vets the properties with due diligence procedures, and oversees the purchased real estate. Qualified Investors can become limited partners, also known as passive investors.  As a passive investor, you would have no management responsibilities but still collect passive income in an investment that appreciates over time.

Mission Bay Capital Partners is a private equity investment company that purchases multi-family properties on behalf of investors.  Multi-family properties benefit from being under shorter term leases than other types of commercial real estate and can adjust rents during inflationary periods —  thus protecting you from inflation. 

With housing becoming less affordable due to the dramatic increase in single-family homes, and rising interest rates, demand for multi-family is increasing. Mission Bay Capital Partners targets growth areas of the country that have a diverse employment base for their investment properties.

Secure your future. Investing with Mission Bay means investing with confidence.